Q) Do you provide discounts if I bring my dog more than one day for doggie day care?
   A) Yes, we have a multi-day discount where you get 5 days for the price of 4.
Q) Do you groom cats?
   A) At this time we only handle dog grooming/baths.  
Q) What is "Home-Style" boarding?
  A) This is a boarding style which provides your pet with the same home environment elements that you provide him/her at home.  The idea
is to have your pet receive the same love and comfort they receive when at home.  They are boarded in our home and treated like one of the
family.  If your pet sleeps on your bed, he/she will sleep on our bed.  If your pet goes on your couch, he/she will be allowed on our furniture.  
They will cuddle up with us while watching tv, eat with us, and feel like they are on vacation!  They won't want to leave! (see our photo album
to see how it is your pet's "home away from home"!
Q)Can I just bring my pet in at any time without notice?
   A)IF this is your pet's first visit with us it is best to contact us in advance in order to ensure that we receive all of your dog's vaccination
documentation and we arrange a visit to ensure our doggie daycare or boarding facility is the best for your dog.  After your dog feels
comfortable and has been here before, advance notice is not required.  
Q)Will my dog be in a crate all day?
   A)No! We do not use crates other than when a dog may need a "time-out".  Dogs new to doggie daycare(or even ones that are not new)
sometimes get overwhelmed and it can be a little too much so they may need a little time away where the other dogs will not bother them.  
But all the crates are left open so the dogs can go in when they want to or stay out with the rest of the group playing!
Petopia Doggie Daycare
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"Your Pet's Home Away From Home"